We are always looking for new products to add to our catalog so if you think the idea you have in mind has market appeal you may be able to get what otherwise would be a custom job done for free.

If you market kits and want to include Archer Transfers with your products we would be very glad to give you a quote. Please contact us for details.


You will notice that most of our transfers have been researched by some of the most knowledgeable historians in our hobby. You can join the family too if you know enough about your subject matter to be able to:

Show us exactly what the marking looks like.
This could mean anything from photocopies from books to artwork created on your computer. The ideal way to create artwork for transfers is in Adobe Illustrator or any vector drawing program such as Freehand or Corel that can export a file in the Adobe Illustrator format. Artwork done in a pixel based program will have to saved in a large enough format to be able to be traced over in a vector based drawing program. Artwork created on art board with paints will have to be scanned and traced over.

We welcome researchers who do their own artwork on computer so if you want to go this way, that's fine. Just create the artwork so that it looks correct when printed out. I will take care of converting your files so they print properly with traps, overprinting and other technical stuff.

When working with fonts it is best if you send pictures of the actual markings so that we are sure to use the correct fonts. I have an extensive library of military fonts that I have created over the years that are not available anywhere else. Fonts are one of my specialities and I hate to see improper fonts used. One of the most common mistakes I see is the use of Helvetica/Swiss on WWII vehicles. Despite it's nondescript appearance to the general public it is quite distinctive to graphic artists, but more importantly it was not invented until the mid 1950s

Tell us what size it should be.
This can either be the size of the prototype or the size required for the model. Dimensions may be submitted in English or Metric.

Tell us what color it should be.
Colors can be specified as FS Numbers, Pantone Matching System ink colors or by providing an actual specimen of the color. Laymen's terms such as "French Blue" or "Flame Red" are meaningless and are to be avoided. Sending a .jpeg or a .gif is also not acceptable because what looks right on your computer's CRT may not look good on mine.



If we decide to market your submission will receive a a Credit Line printed on each sheet as well as other literature. You will also receive free transfers of your idea. Our more prolific researchers can have whatever they need from our catalog for their personal use. We have never paid cash for any research but if you have something we just can't live without we can discuss it.