From time to time Archer finds it necessary to update or make changes to some of out transfer sheets.

Below is a list of those products and how you can obtain updates.

Spots on transfers

Some sheets will have what appears to be spots on the transfers. These are actually air pockets where the transfer has already separated from the carrier film. These spots are not in the ink and will disappear once the transfer is applied.

Transfers won't stick

Due to quality control issues some transfer sheets have shipped with defective adhesive. At this time we know that about 25 sheets of AR35026W and AR35026B are affected as well as an undetermined number of others. EMAIL us if you are having problems and we'll get you a replacement asap.

No Wet Medium Paper was in the package

The people who used to bag our transfers sometimes "forgot" to include Wet Medium Paper in bags that are supposed to get it. We have since fired them and now do all of our bagging in-house. Please EMAIL us and we'll mail the missing Wet Medium Paper asap.


AR35250: M4A1 Mortar halftrack had several errors. Archer is replacing this incorrect sheet with the new, corrected item at no charge to you. Please EMAIL us for an immediate replacement.


Several incomplete sheets were shipped by mistake. The link on the left shows the correct sheet. If your sheet is smaller than the one shown simply EMAIL us for a replacement or full refund.


The turret numbers originally included on this sheet did not fit the Dragon turret. Please EMAIL us for an addendum sheet with the correct size turret numbers


The original release had an error in the Tactical Sign indicating that the vehicles were from Abt. 192. An addendum correcting that error has since been released. Please EMAIL us for a free addendum.


FORMERLY FG99001: Some production runs are not as sharp as they are supposed to be. If you think you have one of these kindly return it in a standard envelope for a replacement or refund.


Our first release of this sheet had some errors and has been replaced by the sheet shown in the link here. If your sheet does not look like the one shown here simply EMAIL us for an immediate replacement.


First releases of FG35048A, FG35048B, FG35048C, FG35048D and FG35048E only contained right hand collar tabs. This has since been corrected. Please EMAIL us and we'll ship a corrected sheet asap.


Early printings had round instruments. The sheet has since been revised with the correct oval instruments and it is available for free replacement. Please EMAIL us and we'll ship a corrected sheet asap.


Some sheets shipped with white decal film instead of clear. Please EMAIL us and we'll ship a corrected sheet asap.

Sherman sponson filler template

Use this template to make a filler panel to fix the lack thereof in early Tamiya Sherman kits.
Click HERE to download the .pdf file. CAUTION: Be sure you print this out at full size (100%).