REGARDING AN ORDER: If you have any questions regarding a retail or dealer order please send your message to: FOR RETAIL INQUIRIES: Please include the date you placed the order, how you placed the order (online, FAX, phone, mail, etc.) and your correct mailing address. If you ordered online it would be helpful if you included the transaction number. The lovely and charming Jen is happy to help you resolve any issue regarding a purchase.

REGARDING OTHER INQUIRIES: For technical questions, product suggestions or other issues not related to a retail or dealer order please send your message directly to the owner, Woody Vondracek for prompt attention at: PLEASE do not send questions regarding any order to this address. He is not always in the office and it will only delay a response.


Archer Fine Transfers
PO Box 1277
Youngsville, NC 27596


OUR OFFICE HOURS are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern U.S. Time
The lovely and charming Jen will be in the office during those hours to take calls.

If you get the answering machine you can wait to hear the entire greeting before leaving a message or you can press O (zero) at any time to bypass the greeting.



Automatic FAX machines should begin transmitting when you send. To transmit a manual FAX press *51 and the SEND key at the end of the greeting. PLEASE NOTE: If you send a FAX and don't receive your order it's probably because the FAX did not transmit legibly. To avoid this possibility we suggest you send us an email or call to verify that your FAX has been received. You can also use our .pdf order form, download by clicking HERE.