'Ambush' Disc-Camouflage Pattern 4

By: Ron Owen Hayes
© 2010 Archer Fine Transfers

Yet another pattern surfaces
Whilst looking through the reference photographs I just couldn't place some of them conveniently with the others, at first thinking that the patterns had been amended from #1or #3. So I temporarily shelved these, being somewhat fully-employed just on the other 3 patterns. Later though, I realized that they were indication of yet another variation. I mentioned this to Woody 'in hindsight', never thinking he'd be interested. Well, less than a week before launch date he requested the 'missing' set, so it was out with the ruler, dividers and PS yet again:

MAN and MNH** Panther Ausf.G's
MId end Sep1944 production, no zimmerit.

**Identification of MNH as the 'second' producer of this pattern is tentative, based on two things: 1 one example has the MNH factory-favoured (though not unique) use of the turret Balkenkreuz on the Ausf.G; 2 two examples have a bold diagonal pattern of dunkelgelb over the olivgrun and rotbaun that may be an early variant of the striped patterns taken up by MNH by October as it differs markedly from MAN's usual factory scheme at this time.

Some examples:

Sampling for the master and repeat:

The final artwork:

This is certainly one of the more eccentric of the disc schemes. The design gives less regard to the disc-shapes than the others, both in the drawing-up and the cutting-out of the original stencil, hence it has a dense, clumsy feel about it. From a distance it can look hand-painted, though a close-up view confirms it was still sprayed through the stencil.
In addition, the designer/cutter possibly didn't think it was complex enough(!) as additional flecks and triangles have been added, in doing so destroying further the integrity of the original disc shapes. [Whether this was done freehand or by rotating the original design I simply couldn't tell, so I merely overtraced the pattern as I saw it. I was forced to alter my normal method of overtracing somewhat because of these 'extras'.] Some of these extra shapes may not be applicable to every vehicle - I have deliberately depicted the densest variation - if so, odd unwanted shapes can be easily removed with a sharp blade or cocktail stick.
This is another later Panther scheme as available examples are again without zimmerit. It was seen most notably in the East with I/Pz.Rgt.31 of 5th Panzer-Division in East Prussia during late 44, and earlier at Paderborn. It has been debated whether some of these examples only carried the disc-camo patterning on the turrets, though in the examples I have chosen there is some evidence of patterning on the engine deck or rear bins, so I have assumed that again, the majority of the vehicle was covered: