We have nearly 700 products in our catalog making it impossible to list them on a single page so the product line is broken down into the categories on the left. Select the category which most closely matches your interest and begin shopping. We accept credit cards and PayPal for online shoppers and checks and money orders for postal mail orders.


Archer Fine Transfers is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the scale model building community since 1989. Many things have changed in the hobby since that time, but we have stayed true to our original promises to our customers:

1. Nothing comes before customer service and product quality. These two things go hand-in-hand. Unless we produce the finest quality products and back them with outstanding customer service one is meaningless without the other. Competition for your business is fierce in this industry and we work hard every day to serve our thousands of loyal customers.

All of our dry transfers are printed by hand in small quantities in our own shop. We do not outsource or mass produce them. When you buy a sheet of our dry transfers the only thing you will receive from us that is not manufactured in the United States is the plastic bag they come in and only because we have not found a source for these within the U.S. The only products we sell that are not made in the U.S. is our line of AFT Decals which are printed by Cartograf because they produce the finest quality waterslide decals available anywhere. Nothing comes before product quality.

2. Everything is always in stock. If it's not on the shelf now it will be within 24 hours. We have our own print shop, and we also bag and ship everything in-house. We go to the post office every day they're open insuring that your purchase is shipped within 24 hours. All orders received over the weekend are shipped the following Monday. The only days we're not putting orders in shipping cartons is Saturday, Sunday and Christmas.

3. We are self-insured at no additional cost. If something is lost or damaged in the mail all you have to do is let us know by emailing Jen at There are no bureaucracies to deal with or forms to fill out, you will be communicating directly with a courteous, understanding human.

4. Everything we sell comes with an Unconditional Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. The true test of any merchant is not what happens when things go right, it's what happens when thing go wrong. No one can guarantee that everything they sell is perfect but what we do guarantee is that we'll stop whatever we're doing to make it right. Simply stated, if anything you have ever bought from us ever disappoints you in any way we will cheerfully and promptly refund your money or replace it, usually within 24 hours. Our guarantee covers anything else you can think of. If you're not happy we're not happy... period. Contact Jen at for prompt attention regarding guarantee service.