Cobra King is one of 254 M4A3E2's built in 1944. It was issued to the 37 Tank Battalion of the 4th Armored division Company C and given bumper number C-6. It was part of Patton's Third Army drive 150 miles across France to relive Surrounded US forces in Bastogne. Cobra King fought its way through German lines on December 26, 1944 and linked up with elements of the 101st Air Borne Division, earning the reputation as the First Tank in Bastogne. Today, Cobra Kings is currently undergoing restoration at the Patton Museum.
This set of markings was meticulously researched to provide the most authentic set of markings possible. The colors for the various markings were chosen based on remnants of original stenciling found during paint removal from Cobra King during restoration.
Although no know photos of the right side exists, we believe the various shipping data was applied to the right side based on other period photos and practices. These markings are included as optional to use at the modelers discretion.
This set of markings were designed to fit Tasca kit #35-021, but should fit other kits just fine.

These photographs are provided for your reference only. They are copyrighted by Archer Fine Transfers and may not be used without written permission.

Photo below was provided by the Patton Museum and is based on what they found as they stripped
COBRA KING down to bare metal.